Album Review: Frank Iero and the Future Violents 'Barriers'

Frank Iero is a deeply existential kind of guy. The latest chapter of his solo career was released in March with a song titled 'Young And Doomed', the lyrics confess that, ‘Most of the time I’m convinced I survived / And that’s fine, but it’s far from ideal,’ while also admitting that, ‘It keeps me awake at night / The realisation that I might be a drag no-one wants to inhale.’

This has been a reoccurring theme in Frank’s writing for some time. Released as frnkiero and thecellabration, this debut LP proved that even while spilling confused thoughts out on to paper, he could still put a perspective on gloomy subjects.

The difference with album number three, Barriers, under the guise of Frank Iero And The Future Violents – is that these observations and questions sound so prominent; This is largely thanks to just how interesting each of the 14 songs sound. Joining forces with guitarist and long-time musical partner Evan Nestor, bassist Matt Armstrong, drummer Tucker Rule, and Kayleigh Goldsworthy on piano, Barriers is the result of Frank’s decade-plus vision coming to fruition. From gorgeous opening lullaby 'A New Day’s Coming', the chorus of which the frontman would sing to his children when putting them to bed each night. Through to the startling doom metal riffs of Medicine Square Garden (personal favorite).

I'm going to be focusing on two songs from this album. Due to the fact that these two songs are so different. A New Day's Coming is the first song on the album. Its accompanying video is a performance piece that captures the frantic energy from the track with guitar, bass and drums with Frank’s vocals anchoring the many emotions of the song. The song is beautifully put together for being a "mess" of instruments. My other favorite is Medicine Square Garden. The guitar riffs add a different sound to the album. They add an edge to it.

Check out the new album Barriers by Frank Iero and the Violents on all platforms May 31st!

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