Interview: New Politics discuss Massachusetts, Shows, and New Music

 On Saturday, I got the chance to sit down with New Politics and discuss their new tour, new music, and being on a smaller tour! Enjoy!

Also, special thank you to Earshot Media for allowing me to do this and giving me this opportunity. 


“We are New Politics and my name is Louis, my name is David, and my name is Soren.”

What is the origin of the name?

David: “I think we were inspired by the Spinal Tap thing. We used to be The Politics, but there was a problem with the copyright. So we did what they did in the movie when they changed their name to the New Originals, we changed ours to the New Politics. I know, it’s pretty serious. We first originally, started off as The Rubberhead Banditz…with a z.”

Louis: “I was not in the band, so when you tell people that, I say I have nothing to do with it haha.”

David: “And then we realized that maybe we should look into that name haha.”

How did you guys meet? You guys are from different parts of the world.

Soren: “Well me and David met at the studio in Copenhagen and not even 10 days later, we started writing songs. That was about 10 years ago. When we came to America, we actually had a different drummer. Through a musical friend, we met Louis. New Politics, as people knew it, has always been with Louis.”

David: “I think the band got successful once Louis joined.”

Soren: “His good looks.”

David: “His muscular crab arms just…*Insert drum noises*…we’ve been on the road way too long.”

How long have you guys been on the road?

Soren: “A week! So imagine how we’re going to be in two weeks.”

Louis: “This is actually a short run for us.”

David: “Yeah, we actually wanted to have more of a connection with fans so we didn’t feel like there was a curtain and so we could see everyone in the crowd.”

Soren: “Also, travel to places that we haven’t really been honestly. We’ve been in the Boston area, but nothing around here. It’s very punk, we just do whatever we can do to have fun.”

David: “I can’t even hear where I am sometimes. I just look at Louis and he’s like, “I think we’re here?” It’s really fun.”

Do you guys like the area so far?

David: “We were just talking about how if we won the lotto, we would definitely buy a place in Massachusetts.”

Louis: “Okay so Massachusetts, it’s magical.”

David: “I don’t know how to describe it, it’s homey.”

Louis: “Like, have you ever seen Hocus Pocus?

Yeah that took place here!

Louis: “It reminds me of that, or Practical Magic. Also, it’s always fall here.”

Soren: “It’s like that magical moment where you climb out of the water, Louis.”

Louis: “Oh my god. This crab joke is going to be a joke for the rest of the tour now.”

David: “What city are you from?”

I’m from Brockton.

David: “What would the closest big city be?”


Louis starts laughing.

Louis: “Dude, I’m sorry, but you knew that!”

David: “Well, I just want to know the general area!”

How has your music evolved since you’ve started?

Soren: “I think a lot. We’re always trying to do stuff we’ve never done before. As we get to know each other better, we take more chances. It takes a while to figure out what we want to do. When we have something, everyone feels it. You try and then there’s just one thing that clicks. That’s when the whole thing takes shape. We always try and break the barriers of what we think we should sound like. In the end, it always ends up sounding like us. We’ve definitely evolved as people.  

David: “I think it’s normal, you need change. With anything. You want to grow, and I think it’s the same with art.”

Any new music coming out?

David: “Yeah, we actually do. We’re writing a ton of demos and we have a few producers we’re working with. We’ll be in LA working a bit more as well.”

Are you guys on a label?

David: “No, we are completely free. We don’t even have a booking agent right now.”

Soren: “We were with two major labels and we have offers with labels right now, but we want to make sure we are doing the right thing. It’s a great thing where you’re a decently established band, and you get to make your own decisions with something you want to do. It feels really good.”

Do you guys have anything to say to fans?

Soren: "We love our fans. They've been with us through everything and it's exactly like a big family. We really do appreciate everything. Especially on this tour, we get to meet everyone and see everyone that comes out. It's great. 

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