Album Review: Boston Manor “Welcome to the Neighborhood”

Since their start in 2013, British band Boston Manor has been making waves in the punk scene both stateside and abroad. With a growing fanbase, the band has received rave reviews with their past releases. Their newest release, titled “Welcome to the Neighborhood” is nothing short of an amazingly put together album. The dark and eerie mood of the album marks a shift in Boston Manor’s sound, yet still stays true to their English rock roots. The album is set in a fictional version of Blackpool, the band’s hometown. Now, turning into a darkened community. From the opening track, the mood of the album is a clear one. The haunting vocals and distorted instrumentals feed into the apocalyptic feel of the album. Musically, the band has made new leaps with their sound, and it is clear they are not on the same sound as before. The band has definitely moved from a more pop punk style, to an alternative rock sound that has been missing in the music scene. While the album seems like a drastic change from Boston Manor’s previous releases, the quality of their sophomore album passes the band’s early work and grows on us each time we listen.

You can listen to the full album HERE and tell us what you think!

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