Interview: Don Broco at Vans Warped Tour

At the 2018 Vans Warped Tour, I got the chance to sit down with Rob Damiani and talk about the band, Warped Tour, and their new album 'Technology'! Hope you enjoy!

Don Broco shot for Behind the Scene Press

We are here at Vans Warped Tour, 2018, with Don Broco..How are you today?

Rob: Good! It’s hot today, super hot. Kind of an excuse to use my sun cream, I bought a lot of sun cream. The last few days have been a bit shady, and I was happy that I didn’t have to use my sun cream. But now, with I don’t know how many days left, Bought way too much sun cream. I was getting hot and burnt, but now I have too much. I just overcompensated.

So, what is it like playing the last warped tour? How does it feel, being so close to the end?

Rob: It’s weird. It’s definitely a weird feeling right now because everyone is so tired, we’ve had about 12 or 13 shows in a row. You can here other people talking about it in here! These days are so intense because everyday is deferent. You play a set, you do signings, we do press, like today. Other days, it’s just running around. Its weird, just trying to find time to eat as well and do normal things. Its getting to the point where everyone is getting really exhausted and probably looking for a day off or chilling. Everyone is tired and pumped because it’s been so much fun from the start. Now that its nearing the end, everyone is like “What was that?”. Like, we’re having the best time ever. We want to do it next year, but we can’t and it’s really sad. Its been such an amazing experience seeing all the bands play.

Now, you guys have been on tour constantly. You guys were on the Selective Hearing Tour with Our Last Night and now Warped Tour. Did you have any break between the two?

Rob: We’ve pretty much been on the road since. We got back from the Selective Hearing Tour, went back to the UK, did as much as we could, and now we’re here. I don’t want to go off the road again, but this is the biggest tour that we’ve done. You want to be busy, but it’s always good to go back home. If you’re home for more than a few weeks, you get angry because you’re not out on tour. This is what it’s about, this is our favorite thing to do. But also, when you have a long tour, you need a break to really collect yourself. After this tour, we get some time to really relax. We can sleep!

So you recently released the album ‘Technology’ and along with that album, you guys are coming out with a series of music videos that tie in together. What is the theme with that? What’s the message?

Rob: You know, we really let each video dictate itself. We wanted them to link in and create a world where, really anything can happen. It kind of has to make since a little bit though, but at the same time it doesn’t. It’s almost another expression with how we created this album, which was musically, anything goes. We had a lot of different ideas and a lot of different styles, and we mashed them together and hoped for the best! That’s the message for the videos, just kind of do what is fun for you. It really makes us happy.

Thank you so much for talking to us, do you have anything else you wanna say for fans?

Rob: It’s been amazing to meet everyone on these last few weeks of Warped Tour. I’m sure we’ll be back in America soon. We have plans to come back, either early next year or maybe even end of this year!

Well, thank you so much again for everything!

Rob: My pleasure!

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