Defret: “Metamorphose” Album Review

Brockton based rock/blues band Defret, recently released their full length album titled “Metamorphose”. The concept album is a mix of rock, punk, and blues all composed into one thing. The three piece consists of drums, guitar and vocals, and bass. They recently switched to a three piece and parted ways with the former singer. Connor Dolan, the singer now, is a perfect match for the band.

Experienced musician in the Rhode Island music scene, Norman Riviera, shared his own opinion on the album:

"His voice is so free, the variations in is vocal inflections really bring out the emotion and the mood of the whole song. I like how the melody and the rhythms danced together with the upkept drum beats and transition from scales very swiftly. It gave me like a theatrical / brendon Urie vibe that emphasized both the lighter and darker tones. The solo matched the vibe of the song and the bass kept it interesting and groovy."

I personally love the album. From past releases I have heard, this is definitely an improvement with sound, lyrics, and quality.


Conner Dolan

Aiden Reardon

Felix Ward

Get the album HERE. Check out their website!

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