Photos/Interview: Willie Dinardo

This past week I had the pleasure to photograph and interview a local solo artist and frontman, Willie Dinardo, at The Downtown Brockton Music Fest. I've known him for a while, but I had never gotten the chance to sit down and talk to him on a personal level.

Here it is:

Q: What's your name and band?

A: "Willie Dinardo of Willie Dinardo and The Corporates."

Q: How did you get into this career?

A: "I started young. I just heard music for the first time. It was 1995 and I was 3 years old and a band by the name of Hootie and The was that and towards middle school I started getting into bands that like to improvise and play off of each other like the Chili Peppers...bands that are very chemistry based. When I got into high school, I got into this guy...Mike Doti. He's a solo artist from New York and he used to be in a band called Soul Coughing. The way that I sound now, is all because of him. He was the one that really opened the doors for me being an acoustic musician. When I started out, I was all over the place and I was listening to all different kinds of music. I had friends who were making hip hop beats and I would be singing on those. My first CD was a compilation of my earlier stuff and genre wise, it's all over the place. My music didn't start to get consistent until the end of high school."

Q: Do you have a professional music background? Did you take lessons?

A: "I've been playing drums since 1999. In middle school, I had one of those keyboards that if you press a button it teaches you everything. Drumming brought me so far, that I was in an orchestra...I was part of the Greater Boston Youth Symphony Orchestra. There, I met a kid...he played the viola, but he also played guitar on the side. Now, I was thinking "I have a friend who plays the guitar, can you teach me a few things?" So, he thought me a few things. That was the beginning of YouTube, you could find tutorials on it and I taught myself. Now, I play almost everything and singing is something that comes natural to me. I still do warm ups and I sing scales."

Q: Do you have any goals for this year at all?

A: "Well my family is going away for New Years. I would like to, by the time we go, to have a new record out. I would also like the band, Willie Dinardo and The Corporates, to get be rebuilt."

Q: How do you feel about the venue, 3065 Live, closing?

A: "3065 was the venue that me and countless other bands performed. We hold the record for number of performances on that stage. I haven't been at 3065 in a while since I haven't been doing much shows. It was kind of a no brainer that was had to be there at the burial of the venue. When the show was announced, people were asked what artists they want to see and people said Willie Dinardo and The Corporates."

Thank you!

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