A Music Photographer's Point of View

When arriving at a show, a lot goes through my mind. Where to stand, how to look, what to wear, what lense to use, etc. People also ask me to describe what I do when I say, "I'm a music photographer...yeah, I want to do this for a living." Well, it's really hard to describe. I usually end up just saying, "I help bands and artists get promoted by using photos." I figure the best way to show you guys my point of view is to show you different shots from different angles at different small clubs, including a location description. Let me know what you think!

Defret - Firehouse 13, Center Stage

Safeguard - Middle East Upstairs, Stage Left, Eye level

Playing With Fire - Remember September Fest, Center Stage, Camera Pointed Up

SPC - 3065 Live, Center Back of Room, Zoomed in 55mm

SPC - 3065 Live, Stage Right, Looking Up

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