What The End of the Summer Means to a Young Music Photographer

The Karma Killers

Ahhhhh.... summer, the music photographer's paradise. Festivals, shows, bright lights and photo shoots. Then September comes and stomps all over your dreams. It's time for High School.

Things may slow down a bit, but there are ways to keep your parents happy. Happy parents means shows on school nights, new gear and VIP tickets.

Keep Your Grades Up

For a music photographer, keeping your grades up means new gear and more shows. If your grades start slipping, your teachers will notice the down turn and make you stay after school for help. Staying after school... aka, the time that would've been set aside to drive to a before show photo shoot that starts in 30 minutes. There goes that job... unless your math grade stays at an A.


Doing your homework right after school saves time. Time saved, is time you can use to drive to a show. You don't want to come home at 2 am after a show and be like "Oh, I have homework." You spend an hour on the first sentence, then you just give up and cry. My advice - complete it when you get home so you don't have to stay after again and skip out on a show you're shooting... again.

School Night Shows

So many of the shows you'll want to shoot will fall on weekdays. Your teachers will probably ask why you're going to shows on a Monday night. You need to make it appear relevant to what you are learning in school, and remind them of the educational value. The most important thing is to smile throughout the day. If you don't, people will think that you are miserable and ask what's wrong, and they will figure out that you are tired. If you fall asleep at your desk, your teachers and parents will cut down on shows during the week. No one wants that to happen. Try to eat a full breakfast in the morning to keep your energy up until lunch.

These are just a few tips to follow that will help you keep up your photo shoot momentum. Practice makes perfect, after all.

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