The Light in the Cave Tour

Chunk! No Captain, Chunk! & I See Stars

Worcester Palladium - February 24

I See Stars

I had the pleasure of shooting The Light in the Cave Tour at the Worcester Palladium. The Palladium is a tough venue for a photographer, because there is no photo pit, and you can only take side-stage shots (from one side), but it was still a great experience.

First up was Chunk! No Captain, Chunk!. They were amazing. They definitely bring their French pride everywhere they go. They have the French flag painted on their cases for tours, and speak some French on stage. The crowd went crazy when the band started their very loud, very heavy, pop punk set. I have no idea why, but some of the guys in the audience felt the need to take off their shirts to mosh. The band was great, and you can buy their new album ‘Get Lost, Find Yourself’ here.

I See Stars came on last. The band lost their screamer and keyboardist before the tour started, but still screamed and played the keyboard so it all worked out. They were loud, melodic and heavy all at the same time, and the shirtless, moshing guys kept at it up through the whole set. They played their set in almost complete darkness. My shots of the crowd show the vibe of the show.

Check out the shoot on my Flickr page.

I See Stars

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