The Karma Killers photo shoot

I have been lucky enough to shoot The Karma Killers twice. The first time was at Warped Tour this summer, and the second was at the Middle East in Boston. If you have not had the chance to see them, you should... immediately. They were awesome at Warped, and they hung out with the small crowd at the Middle East before they performed, ate in the restaurant and talked to my mom. It was pretty punk rock when Micky James sang one song lying on the couch in the back of the club, then dropped the mic and walked out the back door at the end of the last song. Here are some shots from both shows. Steve Knecht and Lineup Atlantic also played that show. Pics coming soon. Stop by my Flickr page to see more. Check out the photos below!

Warped Tour, 2015

The Karma Killers, Warped Tour

Middle East, Boston, 2015

Check out my Flickr page for the entire shoot, and more like it.

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