Mariana's Trench - Concert Review/ Experience

Mariana's Trench

On Friday, July 3rd, I went to the House of Blues in Boston see Mariana's Trench. Before I get into that band, the opening act was amazing.

Ivy Levan

Her name is Ivy Levan

Ivy Levan is a solo artist from L.A (originally from Bentonville, Arkansas). You may know her from the movie 'Drop Dead Gorgeous' where she played the character Cynthia. She was awesome! She had an amazing voice, and band to go along with it. After her set, she mentioned that she would love to meet some fans over by the merch table, so we got in line (second in line). We got a picture, a signed poster, and I got a selfie with her bassist. If you haven't listened already, download her latest single 'Biscuit', or pre-order her debut album 'No Good' (out August 7th).

Josh Ramsay

Enter Mariana's Trench

Boston was definitely filled with music the night we saw Mariana's Trench preform at the House of Blues. The Red Sox were playing across the street at Fenway, and celebrating the 4th of July in a big way. Crowds of fans, street vendors and musicians filled Lansdowne Street, while Navy Seal Leap Frogs parachuted into Fenway. We got to the venue pretty early, and got in right away. We were lucky enough to get two drumsticks signed by all the members of Mariana's Trench from the guy manning the merch table. We also found time to make some new friends from different New England states. I didn't get to take pictures professionally, but I did follow my own rules for taking great shots in clubs.

The band was full of energy, and the they interacted with the crowd during the show. Josh Ramsay even jumped into the crowd a few times and got carried to the middle and back again. They played all of their hits, including Celebrity Status, Stutter and Pop 101 (Josh had to stop mid-song because he was having a giggle fit). The whole band did an encore song - an acapella version of Billy Joel's 'And So It Goes'. Josh Ramsay, the vocalist, came back on stage with a red maple leaf shaped guitar, and finished the night with 'No Place like Home'. Over all, the show was great, and made for another fun night of music, friends and pictures!

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