A Quick Guide For Photographers At Festivals

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Music festivals can be daunting for photographer. First, there's the amount of people. Second, there are the amount of stages. Then, add in the bands and artists – more than you can count – but there is a way to get yourself organized and get through it without freaking out.

Here are a few tips to help you guide your way through these hectic festivals.

  1. Drink Water Obviously. This is self explanatory.

  2. Wear Sunscreen This is not as self explanatory as you think. A white T-shirt only has an SPF of about 7, but once it gets wet, the SPF drops down to about 3. Wear sunscreen under your clothes, so you don't want to get burned!

  3. Shoes Remember, you're going to be walking around (with some heavy gear) for several hours. Really... don't wear heels, and leave your flip flops at the beach. Not only do you want to be comfortable, you don't want blisters or trampled feet.

  4. Food There's probably going to be a food stand or tent, like at Warped tour. You might not have time to get to that tent. Bring some snacks with you, like Energy Bars and stuff like that. Maybe at the end, you can get a slice of pizza.

Here Are Some Festival Essentials:

  1. The Bands and Scheduling It's important that you plan your day. Make a list of bands that you want to photograph. Keep it simple. Add some bands your familiar with, and some new bands or some you haven't heard of. Get yourself exposed to new music. Also, get to the photo pit early because it can get pretty crazy.

  2. Bring extra batteries and memory cards My recommendation is to save a couple of memory cards for the bigger bands. They'll usually be playing at the end of the day. To change your batteries and memory cards, grab some shade and regain some energy yourself. While gaining more energy, you can download to a portable drive right from your camera and delete some of the photos that you don't want.

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