5 tips for a great Warped Tour 2015

Warped Tour 2015 is quickly approaching. I thought it would be helpful to share a few things I learned last year to help you have the best Warped ever!

Vincent Cyr

Bring a water bottle There are filling stations located all around the grounds. When you see one, fill your bottle. You might not think you need to, but trust me... do it! The stations are always empty just when you need water the most, so get it when you can. (Hint: The parent tent always has fresh, cold water. If you come with a parent, stop by their tent and have them fill your bottle)


Bring three canned food items In theory, if you bring three canned food items you get to skip the wait in line. It does save time, but you'll still find that you have to wait in the donation line. It can still be a little bit of a wait, but much shorter than the actual line. Bring donations!

Ghost Town Meet and Greet

Get there early Most of the bands have meet and greet sessions throughout the day. The trick to taking part in these sessions is to walk around early in the day and sign up. You will be given a bracelet and a time to come back. Most bands sign autographs and take pictures without forcing fans to make a purchase. There were a few bands last year that required the purchase of a shirt.

Bryanstars in his favorite shirt

Get familiar with your favorite YouTubers We met 5 YouTubers last year, including Bryanstars, Johnnie Guilbert, Vincent Cyr, dakotawint and VeeOneEye. They were friendly, willing to take pictures, and even have pretty long conversations. We didn't need to sign up early to see them. They were hanging out all day.

Kevin Jordan from This Wild Life

Bring an extra phone charger

If you have an Amp Charger or Mophie case, be sure to bring it! It is a long day, and you will be using your phone to take pics, video and to keep track of your friends. There were charging stations around the grounds last year, but there was a $5.00 charge to use them, and the lines were long.

Hope these tips help you to have a great Warped Tour 2015!

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